Vet Visit

Hello, all!  Today was very eventful.  The last few days I've had the sniffles and a bit of the cough, so I went over to see Dr. T, my vet.  It's been a while since I've seen him (the last time was when he took out my lady bits and robbed me of my womanhood) but I've since forgiven him.  Turns out I've got a teeny respiratory infection.  I got three shots that I took like a big girl, with no crying or whining!  Can't say the same for my wimpy little sister, Black Mamba, who screamed so loudly when she got a shot that Auntie Emilie, who was outside the room,  thought it was Uncle Jacob screaming.   Lol, she's such a baby, omg!

Uh oh, I'm naked!

  I'm very brave!  3 pricks and nothing.  Didn't get my lollipop, though.
(Dr. T's kinda sexy, huh?  He smells good, too.)

Cool poster at Dr. T's office, lol.

                    Little Bro Iggy and Little Sis Black Mamba on the way to get their shots. 
 "I'm sorry you heard 'dog park'...I distinctly said 'vet's office to get shots.'" Hahaha!  Suckers.

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