Sweet T

Saw this cute new t-shirt at Target the other day.  Should I get it?  What do you guys think?  Maybe this'll look better on Black Mambas?

Little Flirt

This afternoon I got dressed and Uncle Jakes and Auntie Steph played with me in the yard.  Check out my cute "Little Flirt" t-shirt.  Love it as a cas, summer look.  Then I got busy chewing on some rawhide.  Good day!

New Baby Cousin

Yesterday Uncle Sean brought over my new cousin, a baby Min Pin named Charlie.  We had a playdate, I shared some of my all-natural smoked beef treats with him, and just hung out and got to know each other.  He's only 4 months old, and was really shy at first, but he came around.  The beef treats helped. He's a cutie--he's gonna be a hottie when he grows up (don't go there, everyone, we're related!).  Please welcome...Charlie!

Close up.  Hate these posed shots!

We're DEMONS!  Heh heh.

This position makes my boobs look huge.  Don't look, perverts.

Intros cont'd

Last but def not least is my big bro, THE KING, the coolest, chillest KAT in town--Chairman Meow!  More commonly known as "Mr. Kitty,"  he is so laid back you'd think he was always inhaling the holy smoke!  He is a big sweetie and has every family in the hood wrapped around his tail.  All the ladies wanna get with him, and all the guys wanna be him.  I'm super jealous of him because he gets to go out whenever he wants and has no curfew!  Even when he's grounded he goes out anyway and never gets in trouble!  No fair.  And he has the best-smelling food and gets kitty tuna all the time!  He's generous, though, and don't tell Iggy or Black Mamba but he shares his food with me sometimes--but only me.  Shh, it's our secret.  Without further ado, here he is....

I've got cuter pics but I like this one of him yawning for now.


drumroll please.....my little siblings!

I (begrudgingly) figured I'd stop hogging the spotlight and introduce all of you to my obnoxious little siblings.  This is my little sister, Brunhilda "Black Mamba."  Mini Pins are German, so she has a traditional German given name "Brunhilda,"  but no one ever calls her that--we all call her Black Mamba.  She was named after Kobe (Go Lakers!) and after Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill.  She's strong, feisty, athletic, fast, determined, and also a typical Mini Pinscher: crazy, hyper, and ALWAYS super hungry.  She lives to eat and it's a pain because she hogs all the food!  And I guess she's kind of a sweetheart, too.  Sometimes.

Next up is my little bro, Declan Ignatius, "Iggy" for short.  For funzies we call him Declan Ignatius "McFarty" because he's so farty.  Have to rush-out-of-the-room-gagging-in-agony farty, haha.  He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi so he's like a little cop, always trying to herd and discipline everyone and break up the party.  He's also super-chill and kinda lazy, and for some reason I cannot understand, he's not into FOOD!  I can't believe we're related, haha.  He can be stubborn and bratty, but he loves to play and has a gentle soul.  


These two bug the bejeezus out of me most of the time, and as the Big Sis it's up to me to keep them in line, but I have to admit, they're really cute and it's a lot funner now that they're around.  

Sweats Days are Great

Bummed it today in some sweats.  Yup, was one of those days.  I know you may think I'm getting lazy, but hey, I'm still recuperating.

LOOOVE this cute hoodie from Old Navy (size XS), 
even though it makes me look kinda sausage-y.
It was a present from Auntie Emilie's friends Danielle and Amber!

New LA Doggie Hotspot

Guess where I'm headed as soon as I'm done convalescing? Bloomies! That's right! The new Bloomingdale's just opened at Santa Monica Place, the new mall at the end of 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica (one of my fave spots to hang), and Bloomingdales's Creative VP Jack Hruska says, "Dogs are always welcome at Bloomingdale's, always." Woo-hoo! I'm always excited when a new non-"canineist" place opens in my neck of the woods. See you guys there!

You can check out the article about the new Bloomies and Santa Monica Place mall here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/04/santa-monica-place-new-bl_n_669860.html

The Upside

Best part about being sick?  Being EXTRA spoiled!  Auntie Jamie made me a fresh yummy chicken soup with veg, and Dr. T says I get to drink Pedialyte (diluted) instead of plain old water.  Wondering what Pedialyte tastes like?  Like flavorless Gatorade.  Not spectacular, but nice for a change.

Chicken soup with carrots, broccoli, celery, and most importantly, LOVE.  
Thanks, Auntie Jamie!

In my culture, slurping isn't considered rude.

Yum Yum!  The bottom of my dish says, "Bone Appetit."  Get it?  :)

Sicky poo

I'm super sicky-poo today.  Just chillin' in a darkened room, swaddled in my favorite fuzzy Hello Kitty blankie.  Send me get-well vibes!

What?!  That thermometer's gotta go WHERE?!

Vet Visit

Hello, all!  Today was very eventful.  The last few days I've had the sniffles and a bit of the cough, so I went over to see Dr. T, my vet.  It's been a while since I've seen him (the last time was when he took out my lady bits and robbed me of my womanhood) but I've since forgiven him.  Turns out I've got a teeny respiratory infection.  I got three shots that I took like a big girl, with no crying or whining!  Can't say the same for my wimpy little sister, Black Mamba, who screamed so loudly when she got a shot that Auntie Emilie, who was outside the room,  thought it was Uncle Jacob screaming.   Lol, she's such a baby, omg!

Uh oh, I'm naked!

  I'm very brave!  3 pricks and nothing.  Didn't get my lollipop, though.
(Dr. T's kinda sexy, huh?  He smells good, too.)

Cool poster at Dr. T's office, lol.

                    Little Bro Iggy and Little Sis Black Mamba on the way to get their shots. 
 "I'm sorry you heard 'dog park'...I distinctly said 'vet's office to get shots.'" Hahaha!  Suckers.

My First Post

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my cool, brand-spanking-new blog, The Stinky Princess.  I am so excited to share my charmed life with you all--daily activities, outings, clothes, food, gossip and all kinds of pet news, tips and other tidbits.  It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!  Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned....