Munchkin in my bed

Look who's taken a liking to my's Chiquitín!

 Silly Chiquis!  I don't blame him, it IS the comfiest, coziest, softest little bed.  Way better than his training crate.

More Chiqui Baby

Here are more pics of the baby.  He's more of an attention hog than I am!!

We wanna get as many pics of him as we can before he stops being cute, lol!

Chillin' with Jess and Bryant

Auntie Jess and her gentleman friend Bryant came over the other night to hang out with us doggy-dogs.  We like when they come over 'cause they are fun.  They really love us, you can tell:

It's fun when Bryant cuddles because he coos at you in a Scooby-Doo voice as he scratches your belly and makes you feel like you're the only dog in the room!  (Notice I'm covering up my lady bits?  Always a lady, wink.)

Auntie Jess with her NEW favorite, Chiquitín [sarcastic voice].
Then Bryant treated me us to a private concert.

 Ahhh. Nice end to a relaxing night!
Come back soon, Auntie Jess and Bryant!

Back by Popular Demand

Got lots of requests for more of this little guy on the blog, so I'm begrudgingly obliging.  He's cute and all, but I'm feeling like 2nd fiddle these days.  It's always Chiqui this and Chiqui that. 

In case you were wondering about his size, he's not too much taller than a Coke can.  He's waaaay small, like barely a pound I think.  Just a teeny little nose nudge and he goes flying!  But he has grown so much these last two weeks; it's incredible.

Costume Shopping

Here are some pics from some Halloween costume shopping I did the other day.  I think I still have some shopping to do....

I dunno about the first one--I wanted a Princess costume, you know, but this one seems a little too "Slutty Princess."  And the Pumpkin costume is cute but a little on the nose, no?  What do you guys think?

Last Halloween

Ok prepare for the cuteness...So Halloween is just around the corner, as you all know, and we've been planning our costumes for this year.  We can't wait! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays!  We love to dress up, go to the local doggie Halloween parade and contest (1st and 2nd place the last 2 years, respectively, thank you, thank you) and on Halloween we love to help pass out candy to all the kiddies.  Stay tuned for some pics of our costume shopping.  For now here are some pics from last year:

                                                              I was a French Maid!

Iggy was a banana....

 And Black Mamba was Black Mamba, Karate Black Belt!

Mr. Handsome

Check out this pic of my super good-looking big bro Chairman Meow aka Mr. Kitty Witty.  Isn't he so handsome?  His eyes are so soulful and sensitive, vulnerable yet strong.....he's like a kitty Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Waaaaaassuuuuup..."  Lol.

Chiquitín, Chiquitín, Everybody Chiquitín!

It's my pleasure to introduce to you all my foster brother, the adorable Chiquitín.  He's a chihuahua like me, about 6 weeks old or so.  Unfortunately he had to leave his birth mom and siblings too early, so we're fostering him for a while until he gets big and strong and finds his forever home.  He is a feisty little cutie, and we all adore him.  As the oldest, of course it's my job to babysit.  Here are some pics of me babysitting and some cute ones of Chiquitín.  Thankfully Iggy took over for me after a while--he's IN LOVE with his little foster brother!  Wherever Chiqui goes his big bro is watching over him--so cute it makes my heart melt!

The only downside is next to him I feel like a huge old hag, lol!

Sleepin' on the job.

Movie Night

Recently I had a relaxing night in and watched one of my new favorite movies--Bolt! It's a fun movie. That Bolt is so silly and sweet! If only I could meet a sincere guy dog like that in real life--let's not even get started on the kinds of guys I've had to pick from! Huff! That gossip's a matter for a different post. Enjoy the pic!


Was at LAX recently too, seeing off my grandmother.  Love going to the airport--such interesting smells!  Especially in the International Terminal, lol!


Rainy Day in Venice

Had to run some errands in Venice last week so I took a stroll on the Boardwalk for a little while.  It's been years!  Not too many people out because it was a cold day with a bit of drizzle.

The guy on the right was CUTTING HIS TOENAILS.  
Right there on the boardwalk.  I was super grossed out. 

And here are some pics of me that same day in the car:

Now on Twitter!

Hiya!  Now you can follow me on Twitter:  @StinkyPTweets.  Had to be @StinkyPTweets because someone already took @stinkyprincess!  I'm stomping my paws I'm so mad.  I'M the OG Stinky Princess!  Who does that girl think she is?!  And "Stinky Princess" is not flattering unless you're a little cutie like me.  Oh well, at least I own (evil laughter, hahaha).  Anyway, looking forward to tweeting with all my friends!  Also looking forward to learning how to use Twitter... help & tips & patience are appreciated!

New Bed!

We got a new lounge mat called a "SoftTouch Pet Napper" today, yay!  We've been wanting one big enough for all of us siblings to enjoy.  We enjoyed it together for all of 2 seconds before the lounge session degraded into an intense play session, followed by an intense nap session.  All in the span of 3 minutes!  


Cute moment 2...

Game on!

This is our favorite game, "mouthy-mouthy"--we see who has the biggest mouth!

Looks vicious, but I assure you, it's all in good fun.

This pet napper is essentially our new wrestling mat!

Right after being reprimanded.  Now we're in trouble.  We'll behave, we promise!
 Do we do convincing "sorry" faces?

Phew, now we're tired.  Nappy poo time!