New Bed!

We got a new lounge mat called a "SoftTouch Pet Napper" today, yay!  We've been wanting one big enough for all of us siblings to enjoy.  We enjoyed it together for all of 2 seconds before the lounge session degraded into an intense play session, followed by an intense nap session.  All in the span of 3 minutes!  


Cute moment 2...

Game on!

This is our favorite game, "mouthy-mouthy"--we see who has the biggest mouth!

Looks vicious, but I assure you, it's all in good fun.

This pet napper is essentially our new wrestling mat!

Right after being reprimanded.  Now we're in trouble.  We'll behave, we promise!
 Do we do convincing "sorry" faces?

Phew, now we're tired.  Nappy poo time!

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