Bay Cities Deli

Had a nice lunch on the patio at Bay Cities.   The crowds are always unbearable here and ten bucks for a sammie seems steep, but one bite of the Don Lorenzo and it's all worth it.  And they have a nice doggie-friendly patio!

Left to right:  The Godmother, The Spaniard, and my faves, The Don Lorenzo. 

Beauty Parlor

Here are some pics from my recent trip to the Beauty Parlor...

This bulldog was just hilarious.  He just made himself at home!

This little pup was so friendly, and just a touch excited, heehee lol.

This is me with my stylist, Victoria.  She's the absolute best!

I Heart Shopping

The air is crisp, the days are shorter...Fall is upon us!  Which means that the new Winter/Fall lines are out in the stores, yay!  So much cute stuff!  I know I have to take it easy this season, you know, because of the recession yada yada, but oh how I love bundling up in cozy sweaters and jackets!  And yes, I do already have a well-stocked winter wardrobe, but still....

So many new styles!  Must resist!  Aah!

Check out this cute top I'm thinking of getting for Chiquis.


I wanted to give Davis a proper introduction in her very own post.  As I mentioned in the Halloween post, Cousin Davis is Uncle Salomon's doggie that's visiting us for a while.  We're so happy to have her here with us--we haven't seen her since last Christmas!  She's a sweetheart through and through and fits right in with us.  She's very well-behaved, generous (she lets you have first dibs on all her food), mellow (unless you're a stranger at the door, then she's Super Miss Guard Dog) and has a calming influence on all of us.  She's so perfect, it's kind of annoying, hahaha.

Here she is, patiently allowing Chiqui to nibble her ear!  She dotes on him so!
Welcome, Davis!

Yummy Yum Yum

Check out the lovely Steak Frites from Church and State Bistro that I enjoyed recently:

I know, I know, ordering Steak Frites at a French bistro is so cliché, but it's a classic for a reason!  And relax, everyone--I didn't have the fries!  I know dogs aren't supposed to eat fried food!  And besides, I'm cutting back on my carbs.   ;)

Halloween 2010

Sorry for the delay, folks!  Without further ado, our Halloween pics....

 Iggy was a Chicken...

 Black Mambas was Tinkerbell...

I was a Princess, of course!  

And, introducing....our cousin Davis!  She is Uncle Salomon's baby and she's visiting us for a while.
She was a Pumpkin!

Happy Voting Day!

Hi, Chickadees!  How was your weekend?  Mine was super fun and busy!  I bet you're wondering what we dressed up as for Halloween.  Check back soon for our pics.  I'll post them asap.

Hope you all voted today!  Hooray for Democracy!