Chiquitín, Chiquitín, Everybody Chiquitín!

It's my pleasure to introduce to you all my foster brother, the adorable Chiquitín.  He's a chihuahua like me, about 6 weeks old or so.  Unfortunately he had to leave his birth mom and siblings too early, so we're fostering him for a while until he gets big and strong and finds his forever home.  He is a feisty little cutie, and we all adore him.  As the oldest, of course it's my job to babysit.  Here are some pics of me babysitting and some cute ones of Chiquitín.  Thankfully Iggy took over for me after a while--he's IN LOVE with his little foster brother!  Wherever Chiqui goes his big bro is watching over him--so cute it makes my heart melt!

The only downside is next to him I feel like a huge old hag, lol!

Sleepin' on the job.

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que CUTE! ;]