Intros cont'd

Last but def not least is my big bro, THE KING, the coolest, chillest KAT in town--Chairman Meow!  More commonly known as "Mr. Kitty,"  he is so laid back you'd think he was always inhaling the holy smoke!  He is a big sweetie and has every family in the hood wrapped around his tail.  All the ladies wanna get with him, and all the guys wanna be him.  I'm super jealous of him because he gets to go out whenever he wants and has no curfew!  Even when he's grounded he goes out anyway and never gets in trouble!  No fair.  And he has the best-smelling food and gets kitty tuna all the time!  He's generous, though, and don't tell Iggy or Black Mamba but he shares his food with me sometimes--but only me.  Shh, it's our secret.  Without further ado, here he is....

I've got cuter pics but I like this one of him yawning for now.

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