drumroll little siblings!

I (begrudgingly) figured I'd stop hogging the spotlight and introduce all of you to my obnoxious little siblings.  This is my little sister, Brunhilda "Black Mamba."  Mini Pins are German, so she has a traditional German given name "Brunhilda,"  but no one ever calls her that--we all call her Black Mamba.  She was named after Kobe (Go Lakers!) and after Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill.  She's strong, feisty, athletic, fast, determined, and also a typical Mini Pinscher: crazy, hyper, and ALWAYS super hungry.  She lives to eat and it's a pain because she hogs all the food!  And I guess she's kind of a sweetheart, too.  Sometimes.

Next up is my little bro, Declan Ignatius, "Iggy" for short.  For funzies we call him Declan Ignatius "McFarty" because he's so farty.  Have to rush-out-of-the-room-gagging-in-agony farty, haha.  He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi so he's like a little cop, always trying to herd and discipline everyone and break up the party.  He's also super-chill and kinda lazy, and for some reason I cannot understand, he's not into FOOD!  I can't believe we're related, haha.  He can be stubborn and bratty, but he loves to play and has a gentle soul.  


These two bug the bejeezus out of me most of the time, and as the Big Sis it's up to me to keep them in line, but I have to admit, they're really cute and it's a lot funner now that they're around.  

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