Happy 2011....

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone's had an awesome 2011 so far!  I know, I know, I haven't been posting lately.  I don't know why, really...I just know that I've been feeling so...just...blah...lately, a serious case of doggie-ennui.  It started with all the rainy weather gettin' me down (I'm an LA girl through and through and can't handle precipitation).  Maybe it's also because another year passing has gotten me thinking of my own mortality.  Chis only live an average of 12 years and I hate to think my best years are behind me.  Maybe it's all downhill from here (shudder!).  Also, it's tough being the big sis--having to worry about everyone else all the time.  Chairman Meow's been sick, Davis is going through her rebellious teenage phase, and we're fostering a new kitty, Binx (pics coming soon, he is aDORable!)  I'm starting to snap out of it, though, so stay tuned for some fun posts.  Here's to a happy year to come!  Cheers!

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